Foundation grants boosting tech, books, extras in Dartmouth schools

Sep 9, 2018

Teachers are getting a little extra financial help from the Dartmouth Education Foundation to bring in new technology and learning material through grant funding.

This year, the nonprofit organization funded a total of 18 proposals, each submitted by a Dartmouth teacher. Jeff Martin, an engineering teacher at Dartmouth High, has received several grants over the years.

A laser engraver he bought last year with a grant was used to create the emblem emblazoned on the podium he spoke from at the awards ceremony.

This year, he is buying a 3D scanner to complement the high school’s new innovation lab, which includes 3D printers. The 3D scanner will hook up to an iPad and let students create a model of items to then print out in 3D.

Dartmouth Middle School English teacher Susan Tullson is getting a puppet-themed storytime kit to boost learning in her English language arts lab. It’s something her students were already excited about over the summer, as several students asked her if the rumors about a puppet show were true.

“My kids are absolutely going to love this,” Tullson said. “It is going to be so fun and I’m so glad this ‘rumor’ came true.”

Jamie Guile and Adam Desjardins, both teachers at Dartmouth Middle School, increased the school’s woodworking offerings with a grant last year, but needed a grant this year to keep the momentum going.

“As a result we have a lot more wood going around, so we now require a woodcutter and metal rulers,” Desjardins said.

Laurie Dionisio, Dartmouth Public Schools’ speech and language pathologist, will buy iPad software to help students develop and improve their communication skills.

“It’s to help our littlest learners who aren’t yet speaking or haven’t yet developed language to help them learn to be able to use technology to find a voice for themselves,” Dionisio said.

In addition to new projects, other teachers are using funds to buy books, school supplies, creative and interactive educational material, and arts and music supplies.

Funding for the grants is raised primarily through the Dartmouth Education Foundation’s annual spelling bee. Teachers, staff members, students, and the community are invited to compete in this year’s bee, which will be held on November 8, 7-9 p.m. at the Dartmouth High auditorium. Visit for more information and links to sign up.