Getting warmer: searching for Easter treats at Parks Department egg hunt

Apr 3, 2023

Kids sprinted across a field and scooped up candy-filled eggs on Sunday afternoon, April 2 to get in the spirit of spring and the upcoming Easter holiday.

The Easter Bunny greeted families as they congregated at Apponagansett Park and posed for photos with children.

More than 100 kids ages 3 to 7 registered in advance with more signing up on the day of the free event, according to Park Commissioner Tim Lancaster.

“That’s a little bit above average for what we usually have for our Easter event,” Lancaster said. “So that’s a pretty good turnout, as far as I’m concerned.”

Lancaster and Parks Coordinator Becky Amaral raffled off Easter-themed gift baskets before they let the hunt begin.

Lancaster instructed the egg hunters to play nice before he let them loose in pursuit of sweet treats, and the directions were followed to the letter.

Most of the eggs were laid out on an open field, but some eagle-eyed kids navigated the nearby playground to find some extra candy hidden among the equipment.

After about 20 minutes of hunting, the field was picked clean.

“It’s a great event,” Lancaster said. “It’s usually a little windy and chilly like today, but it’s our unofficial start of the summer and people enjoy coming out to it.”