Vaccinations underway at Dartmouth High

Feb 6, 2021

Three pointers aren’t the only shots being taken inside the Dartmouth High gym these days. 

As of Feb. 6, vaccinations for those 75 and older — along with remaining Phase 1 patient groups — are officially underway in Dartmouth after the Commonwealth entered Phase 2 of its vaccine distribution earlier this month.

According to police spokesperson Det. Kyle Costa, all of the appointments were booked within the first hour after the announcement of the clinic on Feb. 3 — with 975 reservations from a wide area for the Dartmouth High site.

“It was a little overwhelming,” he said. “We’ve got people from Dartmouth and people from Falmouth I’ve talked to so far — it’s pretty unbelievable.” 

Even with the high demand, Public Health Director Chris Michaud said things have gone “rather smoothly” for the Board of Health’s first ever mass vaccination clinic for Covid-19. A big factor for that success, Michaud said, is the collaboration from various town departments and community members.

“People here gave up their Saturday to work tirelessly through all of this,” he added. “It’s just awesome that they’re doing this for the people.” 

Among those assisting in and around the school included Town Hall clerks, Council on Aging staff, STAT ambulance workers, the town’s Emergency Management Agency, UMass Dartmouth nursing students, and even workers from the town of Westport.

“We really have a great team here,” EMA Director Joe Vieira said. “Those UMass students are really learning a valuable trait with all of this. It’s one thing to learn in class, but another to be here and interact with people.”

Dartmouth resident Carole Carand agreed, saying that she thought “everything was well organized — inside and out.” 

As new groups get added to Phase 2,Vieira said the town hopes to establish mobile clinics around local businesses when people like essential workers are due for their shots.

“This is great inside here, but I’d really like to take our show on the road,” he said. 

For now, Michaud said, future clinics will be established on a week-by-week basis, noting that weather forecasts and availability of the vaccine are driving factors on when to host clinics.

“We need to have a vaccine in our custody,” he said. “Once we have the vaccine, we can schedule things.” 

Those looking to book appointments for the vaccine can visit to find a clinic location, select a time for an appointment and fill out the attestation form.

A second dose of the vaccine is required and you must receive the second dose at the same facility that you received the first dose.

The state has not yet announced when individuals aged 65 and older and those with two or more comorbidities will be able to receive the vaccine.

Updates on the vaccination rollout, clinic dates, times and locations, and registration information will be posted to the town’s Covid-19 vaccination webpage as they become available.

Residents 75 years of age and older who do not have access to a computer, and who may need assistance accessing the clinic, should contact the Dartmouth Council on Aging at (508) 999-4717.